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Wrestling Journal

Being successful in the sport starts here. It starts with your wrestling journal. As heard about on the
Wrestling Core Podcast, you can track your goals, wrestling record, daily progress and more in this journal. Don't leave this tool out of your tool box. With the weekly quotes, there isn't anything that this guide is missing. Get your Wrestling Journal today.

Youth Wrestling 101

'Youth Wrestling 101' is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to create or
improve a youth wrestling program in their
community. With step-by-step advice and practical strategies, this comprehensive resource covers everything from defining your vision and mission to building a winning team.

The Starfield Paradox

"The Starfield Paradox" is an anthology of
interconnected science fiction stories, exploring the complexities of human decision-making and moral dilemmas in the context of
space travel and futuristic civilizations. Each story features a unique cast of characters who must grapple with challenging ethical questions while navigating the vastness of the cosmos.

wrestling coach's journalwrestling coach's journal
The Coach's Journal

This is it. This is the journal for every wrestling coach. This journal is designed to help keep you on track with goal setting, scheduling, note taking, practice planning and more. Coaches have enough on their plate and this helps simplify everything. Journaling is what sets championship programs apart, and it is the thing that you definitely don't want to to try coach without!

The Wresting Core Podcast

Calling all beginners and experienced wrestlers! Wrestling isn’t an easy sport. Gathering all of the information you need to be successful used to be hard. Now it is easy. Join Coach Tre and Coach Nick as they and their special guests talk about the many different aspects of the sport of wrestling. They’ve already made the mistakes and now you don’t have to.

The Wrestling Event Playlist

Want CLEAN music to play before your wrestling event? This is it. Context AND content were both considered when making this with anticipated audience being between Youth, High School, or even College events. It is a good mix of pop, electronic, rock and numetal.